Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facebook Dilemma

I am what I would describe an average user of Facebook. I have some pictures on there. My profile picture is artistically not me but a reflection of the best part of me. I have connected with many friends from the past, and have great fun looking at thoughts from my current friends. I have all my information on there and I have included witty thoughts meant to amuse and cause deep levels of thinking. I play on Facebook and I use it for work. I have tried the chatting a little bit but realized I would rather just call the people and talk to them live. I have joined some causes and I have even said Happy Birthday to a few people. Here's my rub ...

I now have to check my email in two places. I have to go to Facebook to respond to the Facebook emails and then I need to keep checking my regular emails. I do not know if it is hip to send emails anymore or if people just get frustrated because they have to check both as well. Do people like to get stuff on Facebook? I have to admit it is fun when someone comments on you. These are the thoughts that occupy my mind.

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