Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sin leads to brokenness

Romans 3:9-20, Paul marks out three types of sins: Global, Relational, and Personal.

Global sins are those ones that leave the world broken and twisted. It is the sin that makes the world a mere echo of what it really could be. Global sins are those ones that we feel so overwhelmed by but never know what really we can do about them so we just suppress them and let them continue without any response on our part. If the problem is too big I guess I just won’t worry about it.

Relational sins is the breakdown of society. This effects our global community efforts all the way to the most intimate relationships like family and marriage. Marriages are breaking apart all around us, yet we are all drawn to them like a drug. We try to describe the Trinity but always fail because we can’t understand that type of unity. We might be able to wrap some words around it, but sin blocks us from really knowing it.

Personal sins break the heart. They lie to us and tell us that taking care of number one is what will bring true happiness. They tell us the most important Gospel in the world is the Gospel that brings me prosperity in this lifetime. Personal sin divides us from God at the core and leaves us unable to truly seek him, let alone connect with him.

The hope we have in this world is Jesus as a man who walked the world. He has come not to condemn the world, but to save the world. He heals the global brokenness.

The hope we have in this world is Jesus and him crucified. He is the restorer of our separation of from God by taking the penalty due us all. He heals the relational brokenness.

The hope we have in this world is Jesus and him resurrected. Our future hope is living out the full expression of Jesus in eternity. He heals our personal brokenness.

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