Friday, November 20, 2009

The Whole Article

I was stumbling through looking for something on CS Lewis and found this article. A couple of highlights is a description of him meeting Billy Graham:

I had the pleasure of meeting Billy Graham once. We had dinner together during his visit to Cambridge University in 1955, while he was conducing a mission to students. I thought he was a very modest and a very sensible man, and I liked him very much indeed.

He commented also how he viewed contemporary literature:

I have read very little in this field. I am not a contemporary scholar. I am not even a scholar of the past, but I am a lover of the past.

His thoughts on space travel:

I look forward with horror to contact with other inhabited planets, if there are such. We would only transport them all of our sin and our acquisitiveness ...

I love these insights into CS Lewis. It makes me want to read his books more and more. If you want to read the entire article click here.

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