Friday, June 4, 2010

How to talk to my kids about adoption?

These days are quickly coming upon us as the boys get older and ask questions. Just yesterday one of the boys was touching the tummy of one of his school teachers who is pregnant causing questions at home. My wife has read lots of great things about how to do this as well and has handled the questions wonderfully so far.

I really like the idea presented by Julie Lowe about not wanting to hide God's story in their life. Some parts of the story are going to be great while other parts of the story are going to be incredibly hard. It is a great lesson to learn that not all of our stories are wonderful and not all of our stories are going to be difficult, but in the end God is in control of all of them.

As I struggle with what I want to say, and as Adriane and I struggle to find the right words I want to always make sure it is pointing back to the Lord. In the end He is the one who makes families and has great plans for the families that He creates. I want our boys to love our family and to me that means that they are being cultivated for gospel centered lives.

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