Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learning Disorders

Dyslexia has been a struggle in my life. Math and English have always been a bit tricky but not so much because I could not understand concepts. The difficult part came in two fashions. First, was in application. I would constantly find ways to mix up letters, numbers, works, and equations. Second, was in organization. I have always struggled finding systems that work with data.

The interesting thing is that I have always found organizing people to be so much easier than organizing data. I think there is a bit more fluidity in people so if I mix things up a little bit the impact is not as great.

Anyways, I enjoyed watching this video and am excited by this research and encouraged that others may not have to struggle in the same manner that I have.

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Jonathan Eric Ruff said...

Awesome post Travis! Reminds me of my struggles. Thanks.