Monday, November 22, 2010

New Beginnings

I am a Leukemia and Lymphoma board peeper. I go to this site because it is like visiting an old friend who walked me down a lonely and difficult road. There is something very unifying about this site because it draws people together through the intensity of life. We are awoken from the haze that says, "Tomorrow is guaranteed". Instead we learn these days are precious, even the difficult ones. Those of us who are Caregivers learn how precious our hurting loved ones truly are to us.

When my wife was diagnosed early on I choose a date five years out to celebrate her recovery. One of the difficult aspects of making it through the chemo/ radiation/ Bone Marrow or other linty of poison they call medicine (choose your flavor) is when it ends. Because it ends for everyone except you. You are left with this journey into the unknown. Where every time you cough you wonder if it has come back, or if your throat is a little sore should you get tested. I often contemplated if I should tell my wife I thought she should get tested, and she wondered if she should share with me that she had got tested. These are the mind games you play in year 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in recovery. So we choose a date to celebrate and prayed that date would come.

We were blessed by God to experience that date. We gathered about 125 of our friends and celebrated together. We renewed our vows, shared stories, celebrated past victories, and enjoyed future hope. This is a portion of that video we showed on that evening. It features our adopted twin boys, our church family that truly defined Christ like living, and my wife who bravely fought this terrible disease.

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Jonathan Eric Ruff said...

You both are my inspiration. Thanks for everything.