Sunday, June 5, 2011


What is it about church that jumps in my heart and doesn’t let go? Why do I care so much? I suppose when you realize something saves you it becomes really personal to you and whatever instinct you have to protect it kicks in really good. I can say I would not be the person I am today if it were not for a community of people gathered together to share the gospel.

I think about that first church community I was a part of a lot. There are several things about them that strike me:

First, is that they a passion for youth. The church itself was dedicated to serving the children in the body and the community. I have been a part of many churches split on one out of two of these directions. Some want to focus on bringing in the lost at the sake of the body while others want to keep out the lost to protect the body. The gospel message of Christ doesn’t choose between the two. As difficult as it may be the body of Christ must take care of itself through putting itself out into the community in meaningful ways.

Second, they loved to teach about Jesus. One funny thing for me is that I have ended up in a different place theologically than the church of my youth, but not my passion to teach the love of Christ. I have no doubt in my mind and heart that those who formed the core of that church loved Jesus with every ounce of their potential. They were not perfect but they served the perfect one. It showed in their constant attention to my life, their desire to see me thrive, the celebration of events in my life, the way they cared for my friends, their love of teaching the Bible, their passion to drive core theological truths in my mind and heart. I never doubted their center was Jesus.

Third, they loved to have fun. Oh how many churches fail to make this simple leap. It is a sadness in my heart that people would not see the great joy in living the Christian life. Our Savior is the inventor of exciting, thriving, thrilling, demanding, and experienced life. He wants us to live fully. He wants us in the course of striving after Him to learn how completely fulfilling he can be. He wants us to enjoy the life as we live it towards Him.

The church is our gift from Christ. It is not meant to be our punishment. If you make it punishment stop. If you make it about you stop. Instead be one who seeks to make it a deeply passionate love affair with the Savior of your soul.

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