Friday, October 31, 2008

Tithing 10%?

Getting Ready for a Sermon on Giving in the next few weeks. I thought these stats from were pretty good.

Scripture has a tremendous amount to say about money or material possessions. Sixteen of the thirty-eight parables of Jesus deal with money. One out of every ten verses in the New Testament deal with this subject. Scripture has 500 verses on prayer, less than 500 verses on faith, but over 2,000 verses on the subject of money. Money is an extremely important issue because a person’s attitude toward it is so determinative of his relationship with God, on fulfilling his purpose in this life, and on his character.

So far I think the greatest thing that stands out to me is that giving 10% is kind of the easy way to go when you consider giving. The Old Testament standard is replaced in the New Testament. It is quite true that nowhere in the New Testament does it talk about the 10% tithe. However, for those who would like to pocket some extra money let's not get carried away. The New Testament in a sense is almost asking for more. As Christ has given all of who he is to restore all of who we are, we are called to give unto him all of who we are. The 10% offering has been exchanged for a higher rate and we are going to have to be more forthcoming in our thought process in regards to our giving. The Bible seems to stress the importance of the topic and we must stress it in our economic plan as well.

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