Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bible, Not What it Seems.

I had a Bible study recently and one of the guys shared with us that he is reading through the Bible and is currently in the Old Testament. He has heard a lot about the guys in the Old Testament, but never has gone through the stories one after another. He was dismayed at how bad they really were, he thought they were all suppose to be Godly men who didn't do wrong things.

It led to an awesome conversation about the nature of man and how the Bible is displaying how God can use typical men and women for his glory. There really is nobody on display in the Bible who should be exalted all that much except for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Everyone else fails at one one point or another which is so real. We can identify with anyone in the Bible because they are just like us, a bunch of people wanting to please God, but at the same time being overcome by our pride, selfishness, and lack of ability to understand all the God is trying to do.

I appreciate the guys in my Bible study, because they remind me of what the Bible is all about.

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