Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What are the Questions?

I have always living in California since the day I was born. I love California and I love Californians. I like the diversity of our state and how people choose to enjoy its riches. I think California is a creative place with many wonderful opportunities to express this creativity. I sometimes believe that heaven is going to be a lot like California in many respects, and provide a little bit of everything.

The beauty of California has served to created a unique person on the planet. Our questions to the world are different. In some ways we are ahead of our time and the rest of the country looks to California for what next funky new wild idea we have come up with. These ideas cover all categories in recreation, technology, science, education, fashion, and even religion.

California asks tough questions and are not satisfied with simple answers to those questions. Californians challenge the intellect and stimulate conversation. We like to investigate the truths of the world and fight for the answers. As a Christian wanting to provide answers it makes for a very stimulating and complicated environment.

Praise God for California and God help us in California.

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