Friday, May 1, 2009


Francis Collins, the director of the Human Genome Project, wrote the book 'The Language of God' in the summer of 2007. Collins offered a detailed perspective of his discoveries about DNA and how he viewed DNA as the fingerprint of God. His results and conclusions left me confused, excited, and wanting more answers.

Now he has launched a website called "biologos". This is a word he coined that combines his understanding of God through the Bible and his understandings from science. On the front page they have a list of questions that people most frequently ask them ... 

1. If God created the universe, what created God?
2. How are the ages of the Earth and the universe calculated? How accurate are those figures?
3. How was the Genesis creation story interpreted before Darwin?
4. What does the fossil record show? 

If you would like to read an interview with Dr. Collins about this new site you can so here.

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