Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I wanted to do something fun and useful with all of my blog reading. Each week (or so) I will share my favorite blog entries from the past week (or s0). Enjoy!

1. There are two conferences that I have enjoyed paying attention to over the past couple of years for pastors and theologians. The first is the Gospel Coalition which I was able to attend this past month. The second is Together for the Gospel which I have not attended but hope to next year. Pastor Duncan who is a part of both describes their differences and similarities on his blog post this week.

2. If you are concerned about abortion issues, which you should be, read this article about a pastor from Oakland that put it all on this line in a Christ honoring way in this blog post.

3. I liked this idea from The Resurgence blog post on not getting caught up in our own Christian worlds.

4. John Piper explains his methodology in Bible Study in this blog post.

5. 3000 year old homework assignment! Check this blog post out if you want to see some serious old school homework.

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