Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Facebook for Ministry

I get asked quite often what Facebook has to offer for spiritual development. Is being on Facebook a Sin? Does it take away from deeper connections with one another? Is it teaching us social ignorance?

Tim Challies wrote a great little article on Facebook and to view it from a ministry perspective. Here are some of the quotes from the article:

“... spend a few minutes thinking about what Facebook has replaced. It is generally true of new technologies that they do not just add something to life, but that they also replace something that is already there.”

“Use it to learn about the lives of the people you love, to encourage them, and just generally to be aware of what they are doing in life. But do not use it to stalk them; and be careful how you introduce information you’ve learned from Facebook into real-world conversation.”

“Be aware of those aspects of Facebook that will alienate people and convince them that they are outsiders. I’ve said it before: I didn’t know how much fun my friends have without me (and how often they have it!) until Facebook came along!”

Read the whole article here.

If I were to add one more thought onto the article it would be about status updates. I try to follow a few simple rules learned through experience:

1. Stay Positive. (If it’s been a hard day call a friend up.)
2. Avoid statements that require tone (sarcasm doesn’t come across well.)
3. Look for opportunities to inform about life events. (health updates, new births, successful trips)
4. Share the funny moments of life. (It is always good to know people do the same silly little things that you do.)

I am sure there are lots of tips out there, but those are a few I try (not always successfully) to go by. Remember it’s a process not perfection.

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