Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interview with Kevin DeYoung

I have recently been reading Kevin's blog and he posted an interview that was done by CJ Mahaney about him. I read through it and really liked this question and his answer.

What single piece of counsel (or constructive criticism) has most improved your preaching?

If people walk away from your sermons and think you are really smart, you probably have preached a bad sermon. At first I thought it was good if people were impressed by my learning, but now I see that wowing people with my studies is exactly the wrong thing to do. Along these lines, I’ve heard Earl Palmer say that he aims at the high school junior or senior in his sermon. This makes sense to me. A high school senior is used to thinking (we hope) and can handle new ideas and concepts (we hope), but we should not assume he has a deep background in the Bible and theology. That’s a good target audience.

I have ordered his book Just Do Something and will try to write my thoughts on it after I read it (so look for that post in a year or so).

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