Saturday, January 16, 2010


If you want to help or give at this point here are some good places that I have found through the various blogs that I like to read. If you can find a way to give today.

We have a child in Peru and like this organization a lot. Very trustworthy.


I have been moved by this blog.

HT: The Gospel Coalition

If you are ticked at the remarks of Pat Robertson read these articles for insight:

Does God Hate Haiti?

Relevant Magazine Blog

As one who has adopted I am also touched by the plight of the orphans at this point as well:

Together for Adoption Be praying that these sons and daughters can make it to their new homes. I know not everyone gets adoption, but when you get this close to adoption they become your kids instantly in that moment. All the fears, all the toils, all the hopes, dreams, and burdens. Pray for these disconnected families.

I think the most helpful thing I read was from someone in Haiti, the blog I mention above, said they need money and doctors and nurses. These are the most important things at this moment and then other opportunities will come, but resources like food and water need to be saved for those who can help most. So let's not be a burden but help and really listen to the people of this country and what they need.

So at the very least just give to the Red Cross.

If you have yet to be touched by this look at the pictures:

HT: Buzzard

I remember so well during these times that the restoration we will receive from Christ, the restoration that will put all of this away for good, will be wonderful and praiseworthy for eternity.

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