Monday, May 3, 2010

My Wife and Proverbs 31

So I have been reading Proverbs this past month. Someone taught me a method that has been of great benefit:
1. Turn to the Proverb chapter that corresponds with the given day of the month.
2. Read the Proverb chapter through one time.
3. Re-Read the Proverb a second time and stop when you land on a stanza that impacts you.
4. Spend the day thinking, praying, feeling that passage.
The thing I like I about this plan is that if you miss a day it's okay, just pick up on the day that you get reengaged and go from there. I find that in a few months I can hit all the chapters.

The only problem with the plan is that April doesn't have 31 days and with Mother's Day coming up it would be good to read that Proverb chapter. So I cheated a little bit and read it today.

My wife (and mother of our children) inspires me to recognize a few truths that come from this passage:

1. The importance of the mother son relationship in preparing them for their future bride. (Prov. 31:1)

2. The importance of thankfulness for a marriage partner, never taking her for granted. (10)

3. The importance of and value of forming a trust relationship between one another. (11, 12)

4. The importance of having someone to think, share and pray through the issues of life. (16)

As Adriane and I begin to plan our celebration from being five years free from Leukemia I am being reminded of how wonderful she really is.


Anonymous said...

Thanks travis, this sounds like a great way to read through proverbs!

Jonathan Eric Ruff said...

i should have read this 15 years ago. Together