Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rambling Thoughts

To have peace with God, to have strength to walk before God, is the sum of the great promises of the covenant of grace. - John Owens

I have a strong sense of entitlement when it comes to God. I expect that he owes me something because he has created me. I believe that he should give me the opportunity to receive his grace and mercy whenever I want it and however I want it. I am not proud that this sense of entitlement exists inside of me, I am just distinctly aware that it does.

It is this sense of entitlement that makes me aware of the pride in my heart. This pride rises up and begins to control all the other facets of my life. The emotion of anger, for example, comes from pride. Anger is an emotion from a sense of entitlement whereby we believe that events should occur in the way we desire because of the effort we put forward. When this doesn't work out frustration sets in and this begins the process of anger. 

The wonderful thing about God is he teaches us about anger, the danger of it, and the way to solving its vicious attack on our heart. What if this was taken away? I fearfully wonder what the world might look like if God was ripped out of it. This is the thought of the Atheist Bus Campaign whose slogan is: 

There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life. 

I am not so much worried about the idea is God real. I am worried that people are turning their backs on him even though he is real. 

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