Monday, January 12, 2009

Working Through Anger

In the book Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges is a section dealing with the sin of anger. I have been through several seasons of anger in a variety of contexts over the past several years. I like his thoughts on processing anger and moving past it. 

"First, we have to recognize and acknowledge our anger and the sinfulness of it." 

This has been harder for me that it might seem. I like the power my anger gives me. It also helps me maintain a certain level of control in the situation. I think putting our burdens at the foot of the cross can sometimes be the most difficult part of letting go of anger. 

"we need to change our attitude toward the person or persons whose words or actions triggered our anger." 

This falls somewhere in the midst of us needing to realize how much Jesus forgave in order to save us. I constantly find myself having to remember that I deserve no mercy, no grace, and no inheritance, and no sonship from God, but I get it all the same. If I can't focus on the cross, I really would not have much power to do this step. 

"Finally, we need to hand over to God the occasion of our anger." 

This is where pride really takes a hit. This is that step that really drives home the point in the heart that God is in control. I don't think we can really take this step if we lack trust in God. This step necessitates our belief that God has a plan, the plan is good, and it is good for me. Someone or something is going to essential "win" and we are going to feel like we have "lost". Yet the Christian says I always win no matter the situation because God is doing all things for his glory and I am a part of that glory. 

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