Sunday, November 2, 2008

Counseling with Grace

I heard a term tonight that I have never really reflected upon. "Grace Counseling". What a great term. This is counseling that has at its root the cross as the answer to all questions. What I appreciated about the term however was when I heard that their was someone who was good at it. This has gotten me to think about what would good "Grace Counseling" look? I am not entirely sure but I could imagine these things would be important for reflecting about it: 

1. "Grace Counseling" requires that you bring Jesus into the equation at some point in the counseling. No matter what the goals of the counseling session Jesus has to be included. It does not really matter how big or small.

2. "Grace Counseling" requires you to acknowledge sin as the root of all the problems that we face. It takes any type of blame shifting, justification, or genetic reasoning off the table. It means that you must deal with yourself and the fact that sin has invaded your life.

3. "Grace Counseling" requires that forgiveness is going to reign in the end. Their is going to be forgiveness of others who may have offended. Their is going to be forgiveness of yourself in the process of healing the internal struggles. Their is also going to be forgiveness from God that is unequivocal. It is a deep healing that offers cleansing and renewal. 

4. "Grace Counseling" requires action in the future that comes from true repentance. You can see tangible results in grace counseling because there is going to be a turning from who you were in the past to who you are going to be in the future. The transformation of grace needs to have its impact or their truly is no counseling, healing, or grace taking its course.

These are some reflections of the implications of the concept of "grace counseling". I am sure there are more. 

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